Information about native wildlife.

The files in this section will give help from many of our experienced carers who have taken the time to give us the information we need to care and release our native wildlife. It contains files on most of our native wildlife .

Wildlife rehabilitators must comply with our approved codes of practice, which set out the minimum standards for rescue, case assessment, transport, euthanasia, husbandry, housing design, release and record keeping. Compliance with the standards is a condition of wildlife rehabilitation licences.

There is a general code of practice for injured, sick and orphaned protected animals and a series of species-specific codes that complement the general code:


We prepared the general code of practice in consultation with the NSW Wildlife CouncilTaronga Conservation Society and RSPCA NSW and is supported by the NSW Animal Welfare Advisory Council. The Code contains both standards and guidelines for the care of native animals incapable of fending for themselves in their natural habitat.

We undertake audits of wildlife rehabilitation facilities to assess compliance with the general code and other relevant codes. Failure to meet standards in the code(s) may constitute grounds for suspending or cancelling a licence.